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The American cannabis corporation Arcis Resources Corp. (OTCMKTS: ARCS) made several big announcements in December, which clearly had an effect on its share. It has increased by over 1,300% and hasn’t dropped ever since. It’s the power of a share worth less than $1 to rise quickly on promising reporting, especially when the trading volume also rises significantly within days. In addition to these developments, the United States sees much more attention has been paid to the cannabis industry since Joe Biden won the presidential election earlier this year. Biden has repeatedly made it known in the media that he is in favor of a relaxation of the laws and regulations surrounding the US cannabis industry.

What makes Arcis interesting for investors is the astonishing amount of square meters that the company possesses. More than 1 million square meters is currently used for process cultivation and an additional 380,000 square meters is intended for operating the cultivation. Research by various growers and other interested parties shows that the potential cultivation of Arcis is likely to show great figures. It is estimated to be cannabis with a value of $1700 to $2200 per pound. Presumably a majority of the cultivation has a high-quality, giving it a value of at least $2000 per pound. The reasoning given is that the cannabis comes from experienced boutique cultivators who grow in relatively small quantities.

Arcis promises big plans for the near future and strives to have everything up-to-date. It also wants to regain and maintain the pink current status. It sparked a wave of responses on social media that pushed the stock from $0.0007 to $0.0084 last friday. What we know now is that a message has been shared in which the director of Arcis, Raul Santos, announced that much has been set in motion to rapidly realize an enormous added value for shareholders and investors. As a result, the share has a current value of $0.014, which means another daily percentage increase of 70%.

In addition to the cultivation, Arcis is also deeply involved in the development and sale of high-quality portable and desktop vaporizers, e-juice, oils, accessories and wearables. With this the company operates in other sectors that have a strong relationship with the cannabis industry. It seems like a good investment knowing that since the pandemic, an exponential rise has been observed in the sale of smoking accessories and other CBD products. A logical outcome of the pandemic, since plenty of people are consuming (more) cannabis at home.

Be aware that a letter is expected to be released shortly explaining the multi-state operation. Arcis has promised shareholders on its website that it will substantiate the plan of operation in detail and how it plans to become one of the largest cannabis companies in the United States.

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