It took less than a week for the Trump administration to kill the essential buzz created last Jan. 1 when California’s full marijuana legalization bill took effect, creating the largest legal U.S. cannabis marketplace.

Then-U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions repealed a policy shielding state-licensed medicinal marijuana operatives from national drug prosecutions. The move sent a cold through the nascent legal cannabis sector. However, eventually, it had little influence because federal prosecutors throughout the country displayed small concern in going after authorized operators.

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Highlights of the Year:

— Jan. 1: California’s law takes effect, allowing people 21+ years older to use cannabis.
— Jan. 4: Sessions repeals the policy.
— Jan. 22: Vermont’s legislature authorizes recreational marijuana. It’s the first time a state legislature, approved the law instead of the voters.
— June 25: U.S. health regulators allowed the first medicine drug was made from marijuana. The medicine, Epidiolex, is used to treat two rare forms of epilepsy for young children

— June 28: Oklahoma becomes the 30th state to authorize medical marijuana use.

— July 19: A Canadian company, Tilray Inc., is the first cannabis company to create an initial public offering on a main U.S. stock exchange, raising $153 million as it started trading on the Nasdaq exchange. Its stock price rose to a high of $214 a share in September before dropping to around $70 this month.
— Aug. 15: Constellation Brands Inc., the parent company of Corona beer and other alcoholic drinks, makes a $4 billion investment in Canopy Growth Corp., a major Canadian cannabis producer.
— Sept. 6: Tesla CEO Elon Musk, was smoke cannabis when a live interview with entertainer Joe Rogan that was made available on YouTube. Musk asked Rogan, “I mean, it’s legal, right?” Tesla shares fell on the news.

— Oct. 17: Canada authorizes cannabis use for people 19 or older in most areas. It’s the second nation after Uruguay to legalize cannabis, and its “First-World nation” status adds higher credibility to the global cannabis marketplace.
— Oct. 31: Mexico’s Supreme Court rules people can use cannabis under their freedom to decide their recreational actions. The decision puts the nation in a significant step closer to broad legalization.
— Nov. 7: Voters make Michigan the first Midwestern state and 10th overall to authorize recreational cannabis use. Missouri and Utah approve medicinal cannabis also in the midterm elections.
— Nov. 20: Massachusetts’ first retail marijuana shops open, more than two years following voters in the state passing of recreational cannabis for grown-ups. The stores are the first to operate on the U.S. East Coast.

— Dec. 7: U.S. cigarette maker Altria invests $2.4 billion in Canada marijuana company Cronos Group.

— Dec. 10: New Zealand established a law making medicinal cannabis publicly accessible. A national election on recreational marijuana is intended to be within two years.
— Dec. 20: President Donald Trump signs into law the 2018 farm bill that excludes hemp, the cannabis plant relative to marijuana, from the list of federally controlled substances.
— Dec. 25 — Thailand’s parliament changes the country’s drug law to permit the authorization of medicinal use of cannabis.
— Dec. 25 — Israel’s Parliament passes a proposal to allow exportation of medicinal marijuana.

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