Exclusive interview with Scepter Holdings Inc. a great Marketing Company

PSN: How would you introduce Scepter Holdings Inc. to those who are interested?

A: Scepter Holdings is a sales and marketing company that specializes in marketing a variety of different high-performance brands both online and through traditional retail.

PSN: What has been the motivation for you to start and own a holding like Scepter Holdings Inc.?

A: Every year a greater percentage of consumer sales are made through online channels. Scepter specializes in promoting and selling brands that are in demand online. The future of CPG sales and marketing continues to move online, and Scepter is working hard to position itself to take advantage of this trend.

PSN: What’s the business strategy of Scepter Holdings Inc. to succeed?

A: Scepter is unique in that we own or license brands in difference market categories, essentially diversifying our revenue across multiple categories. We continue to acquire and license brands we believe are a good fit for our platform and sales strategy.

PSN: What are the benefits of a holding company for those who are not aware of your methodology?

A: Scepter is never tied to a single brand, single winner, we focus on developing and maintaining multiple performing brands across various product categories.

PSN: What strategy do you use before you merge with a company? And how does that separate you from the competition?

A: Although the company may have participated in mergers in the past, we no longer look at mergers as the ideal model for our business. We prefer to align ourselves with companies that share our vision, and when possible we either acquire their brands or license them directly.

PSN: In 2016 you merged with F3 Innovations / Intensity Nutrition. What can you tell us about the last four years you have experienced together?

A: My understanding is that the merger with Intensity Nutrition did not come together in 2016.

PSN: Shortly after, in 2017 you become the parent organization of IP Motor Sports Inc. What is your influence on this company? And what made you merge with this engine modification company?

A: The transaction with IP Motor Sports occurred prior to my involvement with the company.

PSN: On February, 2020, you seem to be taking big steps. You developed an ethanol-based hand disinfectant formula. How did you come up with this idea and how did the market respond?

A: The market for hand sanitizer has been overrun with new vendors and brands since the Covid crisis began. We initially developed our unique formula with anticipation of significant market interest, primarily because most hand sanitizer products tend to dry out the user’s hands. However, at this time there is greater opportunity to market hand sanitizer using the formulas presented by WHO and FDA. While we continue the work necessary to bring our hemp infused formula to market, we are also looking at opportunities that would allow us to bring a more traditional hand sanitizer product to market sooner.

PSN: You remained in the same sector and release the Dermacia Pro Eye Serum and Vitamin C Serum on the end of June 2020. What can you tell us about this?

A: Women are spending more of their cosmetics dollars purchasing products online, and there has been a growing trend towards Eye and Vitamin C serums. Introducing an Eye Serum and Vitamin C Serum under the Dermacia Pro brand felt like a natural extension of Dermacia Pro cosmetics. We

work hard to develop and market products our new and existing customers demand.

PSN: As the serums have just been launched. What can you say about the marketing and sales of these products? How can you convince us that the products are going to do well?

A: We’re just beginning the launch portion of our marketing campaign for both serums. Typically we launch the product on the associated brand website, then begin a promotional push on Amazon to raise awareness of the new SKUs. Both products are in categories that receive significant traffic on Amazon and we are investing promotional dollars to put our serums in front of customers ready to make a purchase. Based on our data the top 10 Eye Serum brands sell more than $6 million dollars of eye serums a month, and unlike many other competing brands, Dermacia is a known cosmetics brand. We anticipate positive consumer interest in our eye serum and vitamin C serum through Amazon.com and our website DermaciaPro.com.

PSN: Looking back at the actions mentioned earlier in this interview, which one was the greatest accomplishment for you and why do you think that?

A: Extending the Dermacia Pro line to include serums has been an exciting accomplishment for 2020. We believe there is a lot of new opportunity with the Dermacia Pro brand and feel that serums are just the tip of the iceberg for what we can do with Dermacia Pro.

PSN: Which company or product would you like to add next to Scepter Holdings Inc.? Do you have something concrete in mind?

A: There are a number of exciting consumer products on the market today. Our focus is typically on consumable goods, and we believe there is still opportunity in the supplement and fitness space. As consumers spend more time at home they look to invest in purchasing products to support better health from home. This leads to a natural interest in products and categories associated with fitness and self-care.

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