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The weakness in gold is only temporary, the rally still in place. Stock markets are sucking up all the free cash in the world . Historically low interest rates are driving yield investors into US treasuries. . Expanding economies are limiting the need for tightening. Social needs are creating huge unsustainable deficits .  

Top Gold Stocks This Year Why Gold Should Rally

The tail is now wagging the dog. Expanding populations and economies will drive theneed for Gold and other metals higher. Mining stocks are an indisputable hedge against the future and prices to be paid by society .

Lowest Cost Producer – Ukraine’s Black Iron Exploration – BKI TSX

Gold futures headed lower , on pace to register the sharpest weekly slump in many months , as renewed optimism about a near-term, partial U.S.-China trade agreement stirred a rise in debt yields, dulling the appeal of precious metals.

Apple – Life Beyond I-Phone – Target $300

Recently, China and the U.S. agreed to lift some tariffs on one another in stages if the two countries reach a partial trade deal.“This is what [the two sides] agreed on following careful and constructive negotiations over the past two weeks,” said China Ministry spokesman Gao Feng, during a regularly scheduled news briefing.

Buffetts $128 B Cash – Nothing To Buy

A recent rise in yields for government paper poses a threat to bullion as investors tend to gravitate to assets perceived as safe investments that offer higher yields, and precious metals don’t bear a coupon, analysts say.

Fat Brands – FAT NASDAQ – 8.25% Offering Details 

The 10-year Treasury note yield was at 1.8927% , compared with 1.727% at the start of November. Meanwhile, the U.S. dollar has been fairly muted, up less than 0.1% at 98.013, as gauged by the ICE U.S. Dollar Index , a measure of the dollar against a half-dozen currencies.

Ichan Huge Gain On XRX – HP Tech Mega Merger  

“What ultimately matters more for gold is the hard and exact inverse correlation to US yields and the US dollar,” wrote Stephen Innes, market strategist of the Asia Pacific region at AxiTrader, in a daily research note.“With US 10-year nominal yields loitering around 1.85% and the dollar looking more attractive gold loses some of its shine,” he wrote.Gold prices also declined on the back of gains in benchmark U.S. stock indexes, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average , S&P 500 index and Nasdaq Composite notching new intraday records recently . From Wall St Journal

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