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DETROIT, November 26, 2018 (PENNYSTOCKS.NEWS) – American Premium Water Corporation (OTC: HIPH) has announced that the beverages they produce with the label LALPINA infused with CBD are going to be sold with the company named Fit Food Fresh. Fit Food Fresh is a company that offers fresh food with a subscription to its customers. They can now order CBD beverages together with their food plan which is supplied by American Premium Water Corp. The company is located at Florida and has received excellent ratings for their quality of the food and their delivery services. The city they offer their services and deliver their products is called Palm Beach, Dade, Browardand Martin counties which holds over 6 million residents known for having the highest concentrated population in all Florida.

American Premium CEO and Interim Chairman Ryan Fishoff, commented, “I am happy to announce LALPINA CBD will be sold in the Fit Food Fresh platform. This is a great partnership for the Company. Being in the Fit Food ecosystem, we will be able to directly connect with their captive health-focused customer base that is a natural target for the CBD product. Not only is the Company hitting one of its core target markets (the greater-Miami area), we have a great partner that will provide us important analytics on buying patterns which will provide the Company critical data to improve the marketing of the product. I hope this partnership serves as the blueprint for future partnerships with regional and national fresh meal services.”

More about Fit Food Fresh

People nowadays don’t have time to select and prepare healthy and variable meals to eat. Moreover, now with the shift that is going on that people tend to avoid fast food chains like McDonald’s but instead eats healthy, companies like Fit Food Fresh is an answer for the newly created demand due to many projects that have been going on to enlight consumers to eat healthily. So it is no surprise that this sector is expected to boom up to $143 billion by 2023. Similar successful companies that became very big in this sector is Blue Apron NYSE: APRN that amassed a total of $715 billion market cap. That is why American Premium Water Corp. is reaching out to companies like this and hope to generate over $500,000 in revenue for their product.

“It has been a busy week since I got back from the MJBIZ conference. The partnership with Fit Food Fresh is the second significant distribution deal that the Company has closed in as many weeks (The Company announced on November 14th it will be featured in New York City’s first ever CBD pop-up shop). The Company is engaged in distribution discussions with many other partners in different verticals. We are pursuing distribution in various mediums so that we can hit the widest swath of customers possible, specifically in our four key market areas (New York, Vegas, Miami, and Los Angeles). I have also been working on the relaunch of the Gents website (www.gentsco.com) which will be ready to go in time for Cyber Monday and the ensuring holiday period. In addition to working on multiple distribution deals and e-commerce amplifications, the Company has been engaged with strategic partners on securing financial instruments that will add positive value to the Company’s balance sheet, which should allow the Company to achieve the corporate initiatives we have laid out in an expedited manner. I look forward to updating the investment community about all these initiatives when I have more updates to report,” concluded Mr. Fishoff.

As like most of the industries, the company’s performance is as good as their strength in marketing. Especially with beverages is marketing, a significant factor for the business which American Water Corp. has an advantage in this sector. LALPINA the label of the bottled waters has over 1 million following on social media such like Twitter and Instagram. Now they have acquired the technology to create products that improve the quality more. Thus, the company can aim to be the top seller of CBD drinks in the game without being dependent on other manufacturers and logistics as the CEO said: ‘’This acquisition alone could translate into tens of millions of dollars in annual topline sales. In addition, having the technology will open many different licensing opportunities to the Company, both domestically and internationally. In the coming weeks, the Company will roll out its broader strategy for space as it provides more updates on ongoing discussions regarding the other transactions”.

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