The agreement will see Indo Global Exchanges Pte Ltd acquiring Florida-based sports company Myocore Sports IP, manufacturing and distribution arrangements. The company is sure to complete its acquisition of Sinister Labs, which will be an entirely owned subsidiary of Indo Global Exchanges Pte Ltd.

The Issuer does not acquire any of Indo Global Exchanges Pte.Ltd.s plants and equipment, or any of its other operational business and assets, as part of the Transaction, nor does the Company employ any of Indo Globals employees. As a result, the issuer has stopped running IGEXs full-fledged online trading platform, and has terminated its operating agreements with International Global Exchange (AUST), PT GriyaMatahari Bali, and Kina Securities. Ltd. (the ” Company”) entered into a participation agreement (the ” Agreement”) with International Global Exchange (AUST) (IGE), PT GriyaMatahari Bali and Kina Securities Limited (Kina) with effect on 25 November 2013.

The Company has changed its corporate name to The Mineral Company with the State of Colorado. The changes are a critical move by the Company in continuing to enhance its worldwide presence in the minerals sector. The Company anticipates that the rebranding will become effective by the end of 2021. In addition to filing with the Secretary of State of Colorado for an amended certificate of incorporation, the Company has filed a Notice of Change in Name of Company-Related Activities with FINRA regarding the changes.

The Companys transfer agent will issue new stock certificates reflecting the name change to each required shareholder. The Companys share symbol remains IGEX, as does Cusip. The Companys new focus will be to strengthen and enhance the IGEXs position in lithium and grapheme industries. Pink Current, which is nearly debt-free, IGEX is trading at a $40-million aggregate market cap, with no dilution in the last year at least.

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Currently under heavy accumulation, IGEX has emerged as a favorite among investors over the last few days, trading more than 400 million shares Thursday alone, with $4.9 million of the days volume being traded. The Company is working hard to execute on its impending M&As with attractive industry participants in order to continue providing investors and shareholders with robust, repeatable earnings. The acquisition is a significant one, which just cannot happen overnight, but the company is moving at a rapid pace. Reverse Merger plays can be even more explosive than Biotech where the company being acquired has real value, yet is undiscovered by investors, and a lot of RM stocks that we cover on this site went from pennies to dollars.

Our CEOs aim is to have a lot more acquisitions on the table to truly take Sinister CBD to the next level. We are looking forward to moving those meetings forward and providing more value for all of our shareholders, our CEO said. Sinister CBD has based these forward-looking statements primarily on our current expectations and projections regarding future events and financial trends we believe could impact our financial condition, results of operations, business strategy, and financing needs. With Sinister Labs in control, and big things moving forward for Sinister CBD, our CEO feels that all our shareholders see Sinister CBD doing everything it can to ensure that IGEX is protected going forward as a business.

Control.Sinister Labs website is being worked on right now, but you are going to see some changes because our CEO is unhappy with the original website that was completed.

That, along with fear over what is going on in America now, would delay and move them back whenever there was the sense the employees at either company could flounce out with no fear. At the same time, companies are not going to screw up a merger between Hulogix and just try and appease some day traders and their demands for information prematurely released.

Caren Currier served as the controller/CFO under previous leadership at Zalemark Holding Company, a publicly traded company. Name of officer/director or controlling person affiliating with OTC Markets Group Inc. (e.g.

Trading will include about 180 currencies pairs traded on spot (cash), forwards, and options, trading in gold and silver on spot (cash), forwards, and options, Financial Futures, Index & Commodity CFDs, and Exchange Traded Funds. The Transaction is being financed by The Minerals Company Ltd, through a seven-year 2% annualized fixed-rate credit facility guaranteed by one of the Preferred Stockholders of Igex. Under the terms of the purchase agreement, the Issuer issued 43,496,250 shares of its common stock (the “shares”) to the selling shareholders on the Loss Date, in exchange for certain assets of Indo Global (the “assets”), including rights to certain agreements, and certain intellectual property.

On August 6, 2013, the Issuer completed a 1-for-4 reverse stock split and changed its name to Indo Global Exchange(s) PTE. IGEXs full-featured online trading platform includes access to 21 global equity exchanges, live statement reporting, real-time newscasting, and other features and capabilities.

The target company generated over $3.2 million in gross revenues in 2018. On October 17, 2019, the Company entered into a letter of intent to acquire a new affiliate operating in the Supplements & Functional Foods Industry. The Company entered into a letter of intent to acquire a new affiliate operating in the Supplements & Functional Foods Industry.