Its hearing loss information center will urge Wal-Mart customers to act immediately on hearing loss treatment, by being referred locally to an affiliated hearing health care provider, or directly purchasing one of the companys Hearing Products, InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc. InnerScopes mission is to enhance the quality of life of 70 million North Americans suffering from hearing loss and/or related issues. On August 25, 2017, the Company changed its name to InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc., which more accurately reflects its current focus as a hearing health technology company, manufacturing, developing, distributing, and selling a variety of innovative, audiologically related products, audiological treatments, and hearing solutions, directly to consumers (DTC) via a scalable business model.

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InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc. is a leading manufacturer and direct-to-consumer (DTC) distributor of FDA-registered hearing aids, hearing assistance devices, hearing health-related products, and personal sound amplifier products (PSAPs) dedicated to meeting the global need for cost-effective hearing solutions. InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc. is a leading Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) manufacturer and distributor of FDA-registered hearing aids, hearing assistive devices, hearing health-related products, and Personal Sound Amplifier Products (PSAPs) ( Hearing Products ) dedicated to addressing the global demand for affordable hearing solutions. These products and services will be offered through the Current and Future Network of Wholesalers to InnerScope, to be sold directly off-shelf at retail stores, as well as on-line via the websites of each dealer. As a result, InnerScope, with its network of wholesale retailers, its unique selling proposition with its free, self-administered, automated point-of-sale hearing screening kiosks (Hearing Kiosks) in stores for 3 to 5 minutes, and its online hearing screening software for the retailers customers, believes it is well-positioned and poised to be a leader in the new and emerging OTC hearing aid market. As a result, InnerScope, with its Network of Wholesale Retailers, its unique selling proposition with its in-store 3 to 5-minute Free Self-administered Automated Point of Sale Hearing Screening Kiosk ( Hearing Kiosks ) and online hearing screening software for the retailers customers, believes it is well-positioned and poised to take be the leader in the new emerging OTC hearing aid market. Its goal is, assuming that he or she has a hearing problem, is to lead and guide consumers in solving his or her hearing problem, today by selecting products in its hearing product portfolio for purchase at that location.

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Its HearIQ app is a multi-functional app that offers to the general public a FREE Self-Administered Hearing Test to identify their hearing loss if any, as well as provides Bluetooth Wireless connectivity (App controlled) to the direct-to-consumer self-fitting self-adjusting InnerScope self-adjusting self-fitting self-adjusting InnearScope self-fitting Self-Adjusting self-adjusting hearing aids. The hearIQ App is designed to help in early hearing loss detection, specifically for 48+ Million Americans, and for 1.5 Billion People Worldwide, who might have undiagnosed hearing loss, or who might live with a certain level of hearing loss, according to the World Health Organization ( WHO). InnerScopes hearing technology allows consumers in under 10 minutes using any smartphone to customize each hearing device for their own hearing needs using the in-ear, self-testing feature built-in via the HearIQ App. InnerScope believes that the InnearScope Self-Fit Hearing Aids for DTCs are similarly capable of providing personalized listening experiences that are tailored specifically to the individuals hearing needs, in a similar way that licensed hearing aid providers market and fit hearing aids.

Once FDA releases the final regulatory rule from the FDA on Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids, InnerScope will file InnerScopes self-fitting hearing aids under FDAs new medical device registration — Over-the-Counter. FDA medical device registration is one of the last steps needed for InnerScope to begin commercialization of its latest direct-to-consumer hearing aid technology, its self-adjusting, smartphone-controlled, rechargeable hearing aids with built-in professional remote programming and support services ( self-fitting hearing aids).

In creating the OTC hearing aid regulatory category and modifying existing regulations, we intend to provide a reasonable assurance of the safety and efficacy of these devices, as well as promote access to, and innovation of, hearing aid technologies, thus protecting and promoting the publics health. Specifically, we propose to define OTC hearing aids and set forth the requirements applicable; amend existing rules for conformity with the new OTC category; eliminate conditions of sale that apply to hearing aids; modify existing labeling requirements for hearing aids; and update regulations regarding decisions regarding applications for relief from federal preemption, which will be outdated by changes in hearing aid requirements.

This website includes information about the differences between hearing aids, which are intended for use by persons with hearing loss, and personal sound amplifying products (PSAPs), which are intended for consumers without hearing loss who wish to enhance the volume of sounds in specific environments, for example, to enable them for leisure activities, such as for birdwatching or hunting. If you have questions about your own health, the best source of information is your hearing healthcare provider.

InnerScope is shifting hearing healthcare away from traditional, brick-and-mortar hearing health clinics into customers homes with a unique solution that gives customers high-quality, convenient access to hearing aids, without having to visit a hearing specialist or visit a hearing care clinic. These acquisitions, combined with its partnership with Atlazo Inc., a semiconductor innovator of next-generation smart devices powered by artificial intelligence, will enable InnerScope to better position InnerScope in the direct-to-consumer hearing solutions marketplace, selling its premium hearing products through Wal-Mart and other leading retailers. The agreements will give InnerScope not only significant increases in market share and penetration, having secured 200 new distribution locations for its portfolio of hearing products, but a new revenue model for the stores, which could be easily replicated at thousands of locations across the country.

With launches expected beginning Spring of 2021, InnerScope is the Walmart Wholesale Vendor of Record, as well as Best Buy, as well as BJs Wholesale Club. InnerScope has also created a seamless buying experience for their Hearing Aids and Tinnitus Vitamins via Walmart and Amazon Prime. To support general ear health and to provide the best possible performance of their hearing aids as well as customer comfort, InnerScope offers an entire range of care products including cleaning kits, cleaning cloths, spritz & dry tablets, wax-removing ear cleaner, natural lubricant for new hearing aids, and moisturizing, moisturizing gels for ears.

InnerScopes products and business model are breaking down persistent barriers preventing access to effective ear solutions. Innerscope Hearing Technologies, Inc is the producer and distributor/retailer DTC of FDA-registered hearing aids, personal audio enhancing products, hearing-related therapeutics, physician-formulated nutritional hearing supplements, and proprietary CBD oils to treat tinnitus.

While DTC, FDA-registered hearing aid devices have been sold on the Internet for some time, they are consistently priced far higher than the unregulated Personal Sound Amplifier Products (PSAPs) sold on the Internet. Online hearing products are simply amps with preset programs and volume controls.

The company was originally founded in 2006 — under the name InnerScope Advertising Agency Inc. — to offer promotional and marketing services for retailers in the hearing devices business. BONUM Health anticipates increasing to 500 pharmacy locations by the end of 2019 for their hearing kiosks and point-of-sale products, with expectations to expand to thousands of locations starting in 2020.


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