KYN Capital Group, Inc. (KYNC), a Nevada corporation, is the primary holding company dedicated to being the industry leading player for KYN Capital Group, working to acquire businesses across entertainment, blockchain, crypto, and frictionless payments verticals. Our pipeline of companies looking to utilize Koinfold(tm) for cryptocurrency payments is growing quickly.

KYN Capital Group is well on the way to rolling out a number of products including an overhaul to its company site, the Koinfold(tm) Crypto exchange, the home services marketplace, as well as the Super App that will integrate all these services, plus much more, on top of the corporate site, which is based on a robust, custom-built platform. The suite of products will deliver multiple new revenue streams for the company, as well as allowing KYN Capital Group to be the first to bundle such technologies in an optimized user experience. The aim is to bring together the experience of our team members to form a cohesive force that takes the company forward into the market.

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KYN Capital Group uses the expertise of their team and highly experienced developers to build a powerful force when formulating markets and trade strategies, which will ensure that they remain ahead of the curve, leading the company forward in the market. KYN Capital Group has been on the rise in the cryptocurrency space ever since the companys new CEO, Rick Wilson, took over, leading the company into the pink of the month, and retiring the unrestricted $400M stock from the companys coffers. KYN Capital Group has also issued the Koinfold(tm) debit cards to all employees and subcontractors to manage payroll and direct deposits for National Homeowners Association(tm) dba BW Property Management Group, and for the Orlando FL-based Caleo Ministries and the Orlando homeless center.

The Koinfold(tm) Debit Card will be issued by KYN Capital Group, Inc. While the planned launch of the Koinfold(tm) app and debit cards will focus on using cash balances within the users accounts, over the coming quarters in 2021, KYN Capital Group is looking forward to being able to announce even more awesome features of the debit cards that extend beyond using the accounts cash balances, and also be able to offer cryptocurrency rewards. The new Koinfold 2.0 will also display your wallet balance, including credit cards and a payment gateway with QR and scan capabilities, news and social integration, and authentication security. With multi-API integration, Koinfold 2.0, will be fully functional on a number of operating systems starting from Android, and is expected to release in late June 2022.

With Phase 3 expected to complete in the coming weeks, we have a new release date for Koinfold 2.0, by 1st of September 2022. Phase 3 is expected to complete within this week, and the company should be able to launch their Koinfold 2.0 products by September 1, 2022. For the protection of our shareholders and users, the Koinfold Pay 2.0 application will not be ready for release on 30th June. KYN Capital Group will be releasing Koinfold Pay 2.0 following our third-party reviews and changes that have been implemented.

We are expecting to have the security for our third-party payment processor for on/off-ramp cryptocurrency secured this week, and we will make a announcement at the time. The enthusiasm for the security was likely spurred on the share price by the KYN Capital Group announcement on last Thursday about a 2nd stage of the security review completed by a third party security team.

All forward-looking statements speak only as of the date of this press release, and the KYN Capital Team does not undertake any duty to update or issue public any amendments to the forward-looking statements to reflect events, situations, or changes in expectations shortly after the date of this press release. All forward-looking statements speak only as of the date of this press release and KYN Capital Group does not undertake any obligation to update or publicly release any revisions to reflect changes in events, situations or expectations after the date of this press release. These risks may cause AppSwarms actual results to differ materially from those expressed in any forward-looking statements made by, or on behalf of, the Company. The data are provided as is for informational purposes only and are not intended to be used for trading purposes.

Legal Name Kyn Capital Group Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Managing Director Danmei Cai (View All) Macroaxis recommendations In contrast to the general analyst consensus, the buy, hold, or sell recommendations from Macroaxis are provided within the context of the clients current investment horizon and risk tolerance.

Kyn Capital Market Risk Premium is a component of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), which is used by most analysts and investors to compute an acceptable investment rate for Kyn Capital. Kyn Capital market risk premium is the extra return that investors would earn by holding Kyn Capital longer positions in a well-diversified portfolio. Market cap generally refers to a companys total share price within its total market. Kyn Capital has a market cap alpha of 1.2571, meaning it is capable of earning an excess 1.26 percent returns above the benchmark, after adjusting for inherited market risk (beta). Institutional holdings refers to ownership shares in Kyn Capital held by major financial organizations, pension funds, or endowments.

KYN Capital Group launched Koinfold(tm), an online cryptocurrency wallet with an array of tools and services available, which allows users to securely buy, sell, or hold cryptocurrency 100% without fees. Whether you are an experienced trader or you are just starting out, Koinfold(tm) has all the tools needed to safely buy, sell, or store crypto. It is a complete cryptocurrency/blockchain package, which now offers debit cards that are linked directly to a users Koinfold(tm) account.

Koinfold(tm) is a full-service crypto/blockchain suite, and KYN Capital Group looks forward to unveiling more exciting elements over the coming days and weeks. Koinfold(tm) Pay takes crypto payments from around the world. Allows cryptocurrency cash convertibility globally through the KOINFOLD Debit Card, which will be launched alongside apps.

KYNs and DogeLabs, an arm of AppSwarm, will also be exploring the potential integration of Dogecoin in the two companies Pay.How apps, as a possible payments function in their gateway platforms. BW Property Management Group is pleased to announce its collaboration with PaySimple, a subsidiary of EverCommerce, the leading merchant payments platform for more than 500,000 businesses.

KYNC will continue performing Static Application Security Testing (SAST) of changes in the code, in order to identify patterns of unsafe code, as the Koinfold Pay 2.0 app grows and features are added. Our Security Team is getting visibility into our apps security, identifying potentially vulnerable areas for attacks, and KYNC is passing that along to the apps development team in order to quickly react to security threats.

Odds Down 0.0152 Target Odds Up 0.0152 61.83% 90 Days Up 0.0152 32.10% Based on the Normal Probability Distribution, the odds that Kyn Capital will go above current prices 90 days from current prices is approximately 32.1 (This probability density function for Kyn Capital Group shows the odds that the Kyn Capital OTC stock will go down in a specific range of prices in the course of 90 days).


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