The sports nutrition and supplements space has grown at a pretty remarkable pace over the course of the past decade and Torque Lifestyle Brands Inc (OTCMKTS:TQLB) is one of the many operators in that space. The company created and is operating a marketplace for lifestyle sports nutrition and supplements.

Last week, the company made a significant announcement that investors could look into it a bit more closely. On April 9, Torque announced the launch of its latest brand, named Storm Lifestyles. This particular brand is going to focus on fitness products and sports nutrition items that are meant for people under the age of 35. It is a significant new development and one that could provide a major boost for Torque this year given the demand for these products in the under 35 demographic.

The new brand Storm is going to be made up of a wide range of products starting with workout supplements, workout recovery products, fat burners, sport nutrition drinks, and vegan muscle recovery products among others.

The products are going to be sold by Torque at both brick and mortar stores as well as through e-commerce channels that sell directly to end consumers. The Torque management has stated that the acquisition of the company American Metabolix is going to help the company with the distribution of Storm branded products in brick and mortar stores.

It is important to note that American Metabolix products are sold in more than 550 outlets in different nations across the world. There was another important development last week as well that might come as a boost for the company’s investors. Torque announced last week that it was going to expand its marketing relationship with Brian Baldinger, an NFL Network Star.

Baldinger had initially been signed up by Torque in order to promote the New Core Natural Sciences brand of products. Considering these fresh developments, it might be a good move for investors to keep an eye on the Torque stock over the coming days.

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