LiveWire Ergogenics Signs Letter of Intent with Manufacturer and Distributor of CBD-Enriched Topicals

LiveWire Ergogenics Signs Letter of Intent with Manufacturer and Distributor of CBD-Enriched Topicals
Anaheim, CA — August 8, 2018 — InvestorsHub NewsWire — LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc. (OTC: LVVV), a company focused on product development, acquisition and management of legal, fully controlled and self-contained turnkey production facilities for cannabis-based products and services, announced today that it has signed a Letter of Intent with Sacred Biology, a leading manufacturer of high-quality CBD-enriched lotions and skin-care topicals.

In this all-stock transaction LiveWire is entitled to acquire a minority interest in the privately held Sacred Biology with a one-year option to purchase 100% of the Company, once the transactions described in the Letter of Intent are complete. LiveWire will be granted a seat on the Sacred Biology management team and a member of Sacred Biology’s management team will be named to the LiveWire Corporate Advisory Board. In addition, LiveWire Ergogenics will immediately be granted worldwide distribution rights for all current and future Sacred Biology products.

“Our long-range plans,” explains LiveWire CEO Bill Hodson, “include developing and thoroughly testing our unique cannabis strains for use in medical cannabis products, targeting specific ailments for large “sufferer” populations, and producing and licensing various white-label products for customers around the world. To support these efforts, we are also expanding the reach of our 7X Pure Cannabis Compliance and Dosage Verification System. Sacred Biology’s extensive experience in manufacturing CBD product lines is a perfect fit to expedite the development of these LiveWire projects. In addition, the National Distributorship for the Sacred Biology products will allow LiveWire to generate significant additional top line revenue.”

Sacred Biology will also manufacture and distribute “Capsadiol”, LiveWire’s proprietary cream, composed of capsaicin infused with cannabinoids. Like capsaicin, cannabinoids have a documented perceived effectiveness in treating various issues, such as chronic pain, inflammation, skin disorders, headaches, and nausea, among others. With the increasing demand for naturally derived alternatives, coupled with the rise and acceptance of cannabinoid use for medical purposes, now is a promising time to marry the two products to fight pain naturally. This will be a main focus moving forward to develop muscle rubs and other pain alleviating products as the population ages.

Katie Devoe, Founder and CEO of Sacred Biology, states, “We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with LiveWire Ergogenics. We look forward to working with LiveWire’s horticulture team to produce new topical and skin care products for the medical and cosmetics markets.”

LiveWire’s two-stage approach to the potential 100% acquisition of Sacred Biology will enable the Company to conduct thorough due-diligence before exercising the full purchase option.

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About LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc.

LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc. (LVVV) specializes in identifying and monetizing current and future trends in the health and wellness industry, including the design and establishment of legal, fully controlled and contained cannabis production environments. To further this agenda, the Company is entering into select research partnerships to explore the application of cannabinoid-based products to target specific ailments or conditions with large “sufferer” populations, for human and veterinarian applications. This includes the development and licensing of high-quality cannabinoid-based products and services, the cloning of cannabis strains to produce positive medicinal results and the dosing verification of zero pesticide products for quality brands via its “7X-Pure Dosage and Verification System”. The team at LiveWire Ergogenics is committed to generating and implementing innovative ideas to produce high-quality products that satisfy an increasing demand in this fast-growing industry.

The company does not sell or distribute any products anywhere that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substance Act and will only work with or have ownership in companies that are in complete compliance with Federal and State laws and have the required permits to operate. The team at LiveWire Ergogenics has a passion for research and advanced product development and is committed to generating and implementing innovative ideas to produce high-quality products that satisfy the increasing demand in this fast-growing industry.


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