Bionano Genomics Inc. (NASDAQ: BNGO) has been a healthcare specialist since 2003 and focuses on the development of medical equipment and life science industry. It provides a platform to analyze the long segments of genomic DNA and other structural variations of biomolecules. What gives Bionano a strong position in the market is that the company offers well-known proprietary nanochannel chips, integrated primary and secondary software, automated imaging instrument and application-specific reagents. On July 9th, Bionano announced that it is launching a new kit and protocol – the Bionano Prep™ SP Tissue and Tumor Kit – that will make tissue and solid tumor analysis much easier.

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What exactly does the Bionano Prep™ SP Tissue and Tumor Kit do?

It’s a DNA isolation kit developed with the proprietary Saphyr system. It’s intended to simplify the isolation of ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) DNA from various solid tumors and tissue types. Whereas consistent isolation of UHMW DNA with previous methods took three days and sometimes resulted in inconsistent results, it can now be completed in less than six hours with highly complex sample types. Consistent isolation of high quality UHMW-DNA from as little as 5 mg of fresh or frozen tissue and tumor material is also possible. To make it easier to summarize, this DNA isolation kit enables the most complex types of human samples to be analysed more quickly, easily and conveniently. By routinely speeding up and streamlining the process, costs are reduced.

The potential and short-term plans of Bionano

A software release is planned for later this summer. This will make the structural variant calls from non-human organisms stronger and simpler than is the case so far. On 8 July 2020, Bionano announced that two top cytogenetic scientists – from the Radboud Medical Centre in the Netherlands and Cochin Radboud Lyon in France – have presented their research data on Bionano’s Saphyr system. In the online presentations, they each showed 100% agreement between Saphyr and standard cytogenetics, along with other discoveries that extend the possibilities of today’s standard of care. We will probably hear more about this in the future. Finally, Bionano recently shared that the British NHS, the Medical College of Wisconsin and the leading South Korean Yonsei University Hospital are new users of Bionano Saphyr® for digital cytogenetic applications.

Practice shows why Bionano Saphyr® is so important

The British NHS purchased the Saphyr system to study 210 leukaemia patients. If this leads to positive results, the use of standard cytogenetic methods in their laboratories will be replaced by Bionano genome imaging.

The Medical College of Wisconsin intends to use the Saphyr system to extend analyses on complex paediatric diseases beyond the variants of the number of copies that can be detected by chromosomal microarray.

Yonsei University Hospital wants to use the Saphyr system to analyze the genomes of patients with a variety of genetic diseases and cancers. This is due to an earlier analysis in which the Saphyr identified a missed variant and also discovered additional specific gene-related structural variants. These later corresponded with clinical findings, whereas this had not been noticed in earlier results with other diagnostic tools.

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