The end of 2018 is approaching, and the cannabis industry is still extremely valued. Experts are predicting that 2019 will be a busy year for businesses interested in investing in Michigan’s still to-be-regulated recreational cannabis industry.

Michigan voted to legalize recreational cannabis in the mid-term election in November. Michigan is now one of almost a dozen states that allow possession of marijuana for recreational purposes.

It’s supposed to be another year before Michigan, will be ready to start authorizing commercial, recreational retail operations. However, with a potential market worth about $1.5 billion, investors are not expected to wait.

“I do think there is a big opportunity for a real estate investor to take action and take note of where those opportunities will be,” said Matt Karnes, the founder of Green Wave advisors, which examines the cannabis industry.

Karnes says possible investors are having to wade through changing zoning laws and other concerns as they try to get a hold in Michigan’s recreational market.

“Even though you may look across the street and see a property that may appear to be highly coveted, it may not be suitable or applicable for medical or recreational use marijuana commercialization,” said Karnes.

Karnes went on to say that external investors are approaching medical marijuana license holders to buy their way into Michigan’s market.

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