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It is not entirely unexpected that the pharmaceutical company Moderna ($MRNA) is receiving a lot of attention in Europe today, having announced earlier today that preliminary research results indicate that the potential vaccine (mRNA-1273) is 94.5% effective. This follows the promising results of the first safety trial completed at the end of September this year. Various media outlets and virologists now suggest that a corona vaccine will appear on the market in the short term. As a result, various European countries have already ordered tens of million of doses.

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The European Union has a preliminary deal with Moderna for 80 million doses of the potential vaccine candidate. Vaccines for which contracts have been concluded are allocated to the Member States after final approval according to a fixed distribution key. The Netherlands assumes more than 3 million units and welcomes the fact that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) also wants to accelerate the assessment of Moderna’s vaccine candidate. Moderna uses about 30,000 test subjects for the tests, including many frail and elderly people.

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In addition to the Netherlands, countries such as Belgium, England, Germany, France and the United Kingdom are also facing a second lockdown. This is in contrast to countries such as Sweden, which could count on international outrage for the unorthodox regulations surrounding the pandemic. There it was counted on the voluntary measures and determination of the population. It has now become clear that strict measures are crucial as long as a vaccine has not yet been approved. In addition, it simply seems impossible to keep an entire society under control, which means that the demand for a vaccine is increasing by the day. Something that Moderna is now reaping the benefits of, since today it again shows test results that score above expectations.

INTERVIEW: Therma Bright Inc. Opens Up About Their Business, Future Strategy and Quarter Figures

Earlier, Belgium announced that it has not ordered Moderna’s vaccine candidate. They stick to AstraZeneca and Janssen Pharmaceutica. The substantiation was that both vaccine candidates use virtually the same technology. But that may change today, given that virologists in Belgium are still waiting for more information about the 90% effectiveness of AstraZeneca’s vaccine candidate, while Moderna is faster than the competition and above all shows an effectiveness of 94.5% in preliminary results. Only competitor Pfizer previously reported that its potential vaccine is 90% effective.

Nearly one in three home workers in Central Europe now has health problems. Something that not only strengthens the second wave, but also prevents the medical institutions from functioning optimally. This is another argument as to why Moderna’s vaccine candidate is so well received today in the fair and the international press.

Worldwide, the pandemic is now responsible for 54 million infections and more than 1.3 million deaths. According to the WHO, 660,905 new cases of the coronavirus were reported to the UN health organization on Saturday, setting a new record.

INTERVIEW: Therma Bright Inc. Opens Up About Their Business, Future Strategy and Quarter Figures

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