Net Savings Link Inc (OTCMKTS:NSAV), which is involved in blockchain, digital asset technology, and cryptocurrency, has been in considerable focus among investors in recent times. The reason for that might be linked to development from back at the beginning of March. On March 2, the company announced that it completed the signing of the necessary documents meant for formalizing its equity acquisition of the company VirtualBroker Ltd. 


This is the latest such equity acquisition made by Net Savings. VirtualBroker is based out of Switzerland and operates a cryptocurrency trading platform. At this point, the company has offices in Barcelona and London. It is a key acquisition from New Savings and expands the companies offerings with regards to cryptocurrency trading. 

VirtualBroker’s platform is powered entirely by artificial intelligence and offers a vast range of trading services to its users. Some of the services include price search, portfolio management, and more. More importantly, the platform supports all the major crypto exchanges that are in existence right now. 

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The management at Net Savings believes that the acquisition of VirtualBroker is consistent with the company’s ambition to be one of the most important operators in the crypto industry that is worth more than $200 billion a year. At the time, Net Savings had announced that the global launch of VirtualBroker was going to be done by the end of March. 

As the crypto industry continues to grow at a remarkable pace, the demand for advanced trading platforms is going to go up, and hence, it is easy to see why Net Savings decided to acquire VirtualBroker. Prior to that, the company had announced that the Chief Executive Officer of the company LABS Group Limited had been inducted into the Net Savings Board of Directors. 

LABS Group operates a real estate investment ecosystem that is powered by Blockchain and the appointment of the company’s CEO to Net Savings board could help the company in gaining more intelligence about the wider industry.

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