Palisade Bio announced that it has initiated its phase 3 trial evaluating the efficacy of LB1148 for the acceleration of return of intestinal function in adult patients who have undergone the use of LB1148 for the treatment of intestinal obstruction. LB1148 is currently being evaluated in Phase 3 clinical trials to accelerate the return of bowel function after surgical intervention, as well as in Phase 2 trials for prevention of adhesions following surgical abdomen. The clinical trial will utilize the same dosage of LB1148 used in Palisade Bios completed Phase 2 trial, wherein LB1148 demonstrated an improvement of 1.1 days in restoring bowel function. In several clinical trials, LB1148 has demonstrated positive results for speeding up time for restoring bowel function following surgery, and the Company has recently presented analyses showing LB1148 reduced incidence and severity of abdominal adhesions following surgery.

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LB1148, a leading asset under development by Palisade Bio, is a novel oral liquid formulation of the well-characterized digestive enzyme inhibitor, tranexamic acid, that has the potential to both reduce abdominal adhesions and aid the recovery of postoperative bowel function. The Companys lead program, LB1148, is a broad-spectrum serine protease inhibitor that acts by neutralizing digestive enzymes, with potential to reduce gut injury. Tom Hallam, PhD, CEO of Palisade Bio, commented, “Dosing marks an exciting milestone for the company and another major step in executing our strategy.

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With what Palisade Bio believes is the critical Phase 3 trial now in full swing, we are focused on building momentum and closing enrollment as quickly and effectively as we can. We believe LB1148 has an opportunity to potentially set a standard of care for millions of patients who have an abdominal procedure every year.

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Over the next few weeks, Oil-Dri will announce price increases on a variety of products in order to account for this rapid rise in capital expenditures. Production capacity is expected to ramp in the first half of next year. VALN is expected to provide the first vaccine doses in participating EU member states — Germany, Austria, Denmark, Finland, and Bulgaria — within the coming weeks.

Aerie Pharmaceuticals plans to start the final trial, a COMET-4 safety trial, in Q4-2022. The COMET-3 trial of AR-15512 is the second of three trials under the AR-15512 Phase 3 Registration Program. KZIA has been informed by Global Consortium for Adaptive Research, or GCAR, the funder of GBMs pivotal AGILE study, that recruitment has completed for Phase 1 with paxalisib arms.

Given that completion of the recruitment has now occurred, the GBM AGILE pivotal trial will not be opening up to the German or Chinese arms for the treatment with paxalisib. The treatment arm does not meet the pre-specified criteria to proceed to phase 2, and patients who were recruited to phase 1 of the paxalisib arm will thus continue to be treated according to the protocol, as well as to be followed, until completion of the definitive analyses, which the KZIA expects to obtain in the second half of 2023, as disclosed earlier. Approximately 600 patients will receive scheduled gut resection surgery, which will involve laparotomy or a minimally invasive surgical approach. The trial examined 101 consecutive, newly diagnosed patients with myelodysplastic syndromes from a single site at MD Anderson.

Each warrant, Series 1 and Series 2, included with the Class A Units, entitles the holder to buy one share of common stock, at a price of $0.25 per share, upon the exercise. The shares of common stock, Series B preferred stock, and warrants comprising such units are immediately separate and will be issued separately in this offering. The Class A shares and Class B shares will not be standalone securities, nor will they be certified or issued as standalone securities. Certain investors may enter into waiver agreements under which each such investor agrees to certain restrictions with respect to sales of shares of common stock, including shares of common stock purchased in this offering and shares of common stock that are issued pursuant to the exercise of Series 1 warrants or Series 2 warrants and the conversion of the Series B Preferred Stock.

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