– $POTN – PotNetWork Holdings Inc. become the voice of the cannabis industry?

DETROIT, November 16, 2018 (PENNYSTOCKS.NEWS) – (OTCPink: $POTN) Potnetwork Holdings Inc. owner of the Diamond CBD products. The company will now be seen in their new magazine called: PotNetwork Magazine. This Magazine will highlight the Marijuana sector industry really well. PotNetwork would like to be the gateway for companies to have their products presented and their own. This new sector has loads of stories that liked to be heard and have their businesses highlight in the best way possible. PotNetwork strives to be established as of one the market leaders and be the pioneer of this whole new business.


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Unheard stories

Many companies in the marijuana sector have great ideas on how to make profit with their business model. PotNetwork will explore every corner from just supplemental all the way to the companies who cultivate marijuana. We are in the midst of almost a federal legalization like what happened in Canada. For example, Canopy received billions of dollars in financial aid, which allows them to become one of the biggest growers in the Canada. Thanks to the new law that allows them to produce legally on a massive scale. If the United States follows Canada, many companies will be getting a huge financial boost. As can be seen right now for lots of companies that are growing in this sector. PotNetwork would like to use this opportunity not to help big companies  only by having their story told. In addition, they want to also include entrepreneurs who has very nice ideas to make this sector. Which would bring much more diversified and of course they need some attention too. So there is a lot of demand for people that needs to be heard right now; and who knows, you could be highlighted in the PotNetwork magazine as well if your idea is promising. Also there will be analyses in different topics the marijuana industry has to offer by this magazine. Their is also the possibility that they will go into much more into details. Such as, an explanation of hemp products, consumption, devices, finance, breaking technology and more.

“There’s so many stories that don’t get told when you’re keeping up with the day’s events.” said Kevin Hagen, CEO of PotNetwork Holdings. Which is the parent company of PotNetwork Media Group, Inc. “With PotNetwork Magazine, we can tell those stories. Whether it’s a vape shop owner or a CEO of a billion-dollar licensed producer, now we can take the time to find out what makes the cannabis industry tick.” He added, “For the parent company, publishing a magazine is exciting since it expands and underscores our position as an informational authority to the cannabis industry and our mission as a media company. Simultaneously we remain focused on the rapid growth of our product portfolio of hemp-derived CBD products from our other subsidiary, Diamond CBD, Inc. (www.DiamondCBD.com)”

Interviews and high profile people

The magazine will also feature high profile business people that are doing an outstanding job in this sector. There will be interviews and articles such as George Scorsis, CEO of Liberty Health Sciences, one of the rapidly growing medical marijuana companies in the market today.

“With PotNetwork News we tell readers what’s going on every day in the cannabis industry,” said Brandon A. Dorfman, Editor-in-Chief of PotNetwork. “With PotNetwork Magazine we can give our readers so much more, telling them not only what’s going on now, but what happened before and what will happen in the future. It’s really an exciting time to be a part of things around here.”


For the shareholders of PotNetwork Holdings Inc. the Q4 will look promising as CBD Diamond products have been presented at the MJBizCon. MJBizcCon is one the worlds biggest convention for the high profile companies and executives to present their product, business model, gathering of angel investors and entrepreneurship. The convention has been sold out so to be there is a prestige. This will be the biggest convention for CBD and Marijuana. It hosts of 20,000 cannabis sector professionals with everyone having an unique story to be heard. Only the best of the best products are shown there. This, it’s not a shock that most would like to see the products first hand.

So for everyone that is interested in the Marijuana business, have a look on PotNetwork holdings Inc.’s magazine. It will be updated on every development this sector has to offer in deapth and detailed information, analyses and interviews.

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