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DETROIT, November 15, 2018 (PENNYSTOCKS.NEWS) – Puration Inc. (OTC: $PURA) has declared that Noveau Life Pharmaceuticals ($NOUV), will issue one (1) share for every five (5) shares of PURA to PURA shareholders. So for every five shares of PURA, the shareholder will receive one share of NOUV. This is done because PURA has sold their Cannabis cultivation business to NOUV for exchange of convertible notes worth over $1.2 million. It is great news for Puration shareholder, because it is seen as a dividend distribution to gratitude towards its shareholders. The date has not been authorized but is said to be set in 30 days from now. The payment of the shares will be set for the first of next year.

US Cannabis Health LLC

Puration, Inc. also stated on November 9th  that they have secured 30% in a US Cannabis Health LLC. US Cannabis Health LLC is set up by made up of three companies, Kali Inc. (KALY), Noveau Life Pharmaceuticals (NOUV) and Puration Inc. (PURA), Each of them owning 30% of the company. The remaining 10% is reserved for the team members of the company that has yet need to be decided. US Cannabis Health LLC has been set up to develop cannabis pharmaceuticals which is an alternative for painkillers, CBD, therapies and many more. The future looks bright for them because the cannabis sector is booming at all time highs. The Cannabis industry is expected to reach $50 Billion dollar by 2029! These companies have invested in development and distribution so they will be prepared for the huge demand that is rising.

NOUV plans to keep NOUV and PURA shareholders up to date on the stock dividend process. In addition, to updating shareholders on the new post cannabis cultivation business acquisition. The company awaits the new corporate website anticipated to be launched next week.  With the updateded website,  NOUV’s communication contact information will also be updated.

Revenue increase of 400% and profit marging increase of 50%!

Puration Inc. have published their third quarter financial report for the period ending September 30, 2018. The financial statement filed has reported a revenue of over $860,000. That’s an increase of over 400% for the last year Q3 report. Together with an increase of 50% profit margin reporting a $448,000 shows that the company has been improving a lot. The company hasn’t issued any new shares during the second and third quarter report. These results has been realized with their new formula, Cannabis beverage traction, new cannabis beverage products is together accelerated growth as we know every CBD drink company these days are making exponential profit.

Puration Inc. products has been gaining momentum. Some of these products are EVERx, CBD Infused Sports Water, The newly acquired student’s startup hookah water ‘Telluride Happy Water’ and THC Savor beverage. If the revenue continues to increase, the company can look at having over $1 MILLION in annual revenue which would make the company one of the key players in this sector.

In the overall progress, the company is looking forward to continue its growth. With the upcoming stock dividend, the stock is hopefully to increase in its stock price, if the good news continue to pour in. The company has it’s sight to diversify it’s products by acquiring a developing Cannabis company to create more products to cope with the demand.


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