Puration Inc. Buys Students’ Startup ‘Company’

Puration Inc Sets Sights On 2018 Revenue Benchmark To Carve Out Leadership Stake In $1 Billion Cannabis Beverage Market Segment

Puration Inc. Buys Students’ Startup ‘Company’

In an online presentation, Puration released details on the current acquisition and gives insights about plans of PURA’s operation into the overall cannabis beverage business model.

UTRECHT, Nov. 08, 2018 (PENNYSTOCKS.NEWS) – D.J. Behouden – News of today, the online presentation released by Puration Inc. (PURA) explains the position of PURA within the ACI Conglomerated portfolio in partnership with other holdings belonging to ACI, being, Priority Aviation (PJET), Nouveau Life Pharmaceuticals (NOUV) and American Cannabis Holdings (USMJ). The full presentation is available on the company’s website. In this article, a wide variety of the presentation is discussed and broadly summarized.

 ‘The Telluride Health Company’ possibly transitioning into a potential market leader

An amazing group of college students made imagination become reality, introducing ‘The Telluride Health Company’. These potential rookies are active in the green land of cannabis. Actively participating in the community, they developed their baby ‘Telluride Happy Water’. Created to enhance the experience of cannabis, the ‘Telluride Happy Water’ is consumed before partaking or using the Telluride Happy Water in a water pipe. The innovative, freshly newcomers produced a large pilot and tested in their own network. They also managed, simply by boldly knocking on doors, to convince retail shop owners and setting up trials with customers. They strategically positioned their startup ‘Telluride Health Company’ in a public holding company so they could get access to financing in order to take their business into production. Following this path, ‘Telluride Health Company’ came to ‘Priority Aviation, Inc.’. As for the moment, production has taken longer than anticipated. The group of college students that managed to come up with an extraordinarily innovation immersed themselves into their newly found calling facing the obstacles ahead.

First, a little bit about the technique. Basically, they extract oil from the marihuana leaves (CBD) and they fuse it with water or other beverages. CBD has been scientifically proven to be able to replace common prescription drugs, for example painkillers and various anti-depressants. Proven to possess such benefits, the CEO of Puration, Brian Shibley said: ‘’The Telluride Health Company team has a wonderful product in an absolutely unique space.’’ Adding, ‘’We have not found another designer water-pipe water on the market. Telluride Happy Water, as far as our research indicates, has no competitors and plenty of demand. We’ve already started production of Telluride Happy Water and expect to have it on shelves before the end of the year.’’

Yasmine Acebo, the president of Telluride Health Company is pleased with the company becoming part of the Puration family. ‘’Leveraging Puration’s experience in the public company arena and in producing beverages frees us up to focus on sales and marketing of Telluride Happy Water.’’

Further into the technique, the levels of dissolved oxygen in the Telluride Happy Water are higher than almost any other bottled water on the market. The smart, hungry students patented this technology and formula that shrinks the size of water molecules resulting in a platform that speeds the uptake of anything that is mixed with or filtered through the patented water technology. Via this innovative technology the product exponentially increases a cannabis high.

The entrepreneurs might hit a golden strike since, according to data from cannabis market research firm Brightfield Group, cannabis-infused edibles market is projected to become a $5.3-billion market within the next five years, coming from a $2.3-million market in 2018.

ACI Conglomerated, the major shareholder of Puration, Inc.

Interestingly, the major shareholder of Puration, Inc. is a private company called ACI Conglomerated. Amazingly enough, ACI also owns the majority interest of North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. At this moment, ACI also owns the majority interest of PJET and predicts owning control of Nouveau Life Pharmaceuticals (NOUV). PJET is now reconsidering its plan, possibly an alliance owning the cannabis cultivation operations, acquired from USMJ. NOUV also reconsiders its plan, partnering with owning the cannabis cultivation operations it acquired from PURA. ACI’s end-game is to invest and grow a portfolio of cannabis enterprises.

Efficiently operating the portfolio of cannabis enterprises the ACI management team’s strategy aims to seek the best CBD enterprises that suit their portfolio and best fits the cannabis-infused edibles market. With this strategy, the ACI management team enhances the shareholder value of each company in the portfolio. ACI delivers a unique approach in the magical world of cannabis and distinguishes the portfolio companies from their competition.


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