Puration Inc. executes it’s unique concept, increase of 400% in production

UTRECHT, Sept. 17, 2019 (PENNYSTOCKS.NEWS) — Puration Inc. PURA is a company that produces CBD infused beverages like sports drinks, coffee, and beer etc. has announced its plan to go international and make their first start at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Sports Festival in Barcelona. What makes the company different from its competitors is that they are open to collaborate with existing brands and infuse their beverages with CBD. Puration Inc. is ahead of its competitors and gained attention after ACB Aurora Cannabis has troubles stepping into the UFC world because Puration Inc. already sponsored many MMA artists that included UFC fighters.

Tea, Coffee and Beer

Puration Inc. and Kali-extracts KALY have penetrated the market through collabarating with existing brands to gain more exposure for their products and for the existing brands its a chance to provide their customers with a CBD infused drink. CBD drinks are getting more popular and more companies are trying to look for anything that could be infused with CBD. For example, in Amsterdam the popularity of hash infused with CBD has gained exponentially now there are more people aware of the existence and the broad use for it.


The first step Puration Inc. in Europe will be made at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Sports Festival in Barcelona. The reason Puration Inc. is making this move is to stay ahead of their competitors and the rising popularity of CBD in Europe. The faith in the Big Pharma has been declining for years and people are searching for a more natural and healthier alternative for their problems. Many European countries offer healthcare to their citizens that also covers alternative medicine for example CBD. The biggest segment of this group are sporters, that’s why they will be marketing their products on a sports festival like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s.

US Cannabis Aurora ACB

Not only Puration Inc. has discovered that their main customer group is the sports segment but also ACB Aurora Cannabis. ACB is much bigger then Puration Inc. but has dropped the ball when they wanted to sponsor some UFC Fighters. Puration Inc. was way earlier involved in the MMA sport scene and sponsored many fighters including UFC Fighters. EVERx CBD Sports Water a product of PURA and KALY is already widely known in that scene.

Production increase of 400%

By end of 2018 PURA has released their production numbers and they stated that in the year of 2018 the production exceeded 1 million dollars and they already exceeded over $1 million of production in the first 6 months of 2019. The company stated that by the end of 2019 the production value will exceed $4 million. That is an increase of 400%. If those numbers continue to increase, Puration could look at a bright future.

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