After a successful business year, the RELT-share of Reliant Holdings Inc. (OTC: RELT) didn’t experience a very uplifting 2020, like the shares of most real estate companies. While the share started well in the beginning of this year with two peaks in January and February, it has fallen further after the share market crash in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For months, the share has been on the low side, until last week it started a climb that it hasn’t stopped yet. It should come as no surprise if this is the result of the following news that Reliant Holdings officially announced today.

Is this the recognition Reliant deserves?

Reliant Holdings is the parent company of Reliant Pools and the more recent addition Reliant Custom Homes. The quality and service that the holding provides is regularly praised by customers who have had a custom-made house built, these are houses that meet all specific requirements and different lifestyles. Thanks to the increasing business and high customer satisfaction, Reliant Custom Homes is now embarking on a construction project in the promising Lago Vista, on the north shore of Lake Travis just outside the city of Austin (TX), which is characterized by several high quality neighborhoods, residences and a large characteristic lake. The region is a thriving, growing trio of communities with every convenience included: from a large regional supermarket and national pharmacy chain to dozens of small businesses from auto repair shops to zoological retail. The most recent plan from the contractor is to realize a two story house with three bedrooms in the highly popular community right on the golf course.

COVID-19 explodes the demand for swimming pools

In addition to the increased demand for custom homes in the area of Austin, Reliant Pools Inc. has made the best progress this year. Despite the share falling, the demand for improvements to homes rose sharply, especially the swimming pool facilities and installations. This is mainly because residents in the ‘warm’ Austin region were looking for alternatives to make it easier for them to get through the COVID-19 pandemic during peak season. Many people decided to stay at home for the holiday period and wanted to make this period more pleasant, with plenty of families ending up at Reliant Pools. It has now become clear that expectations for growth in 2020 have already been exceeded, and the figures are even better than last year. Speaking of a period before the pandemic. Reliant Holdings has announced that it is proud to provide many families in Austin and the surrounding area with an improved home or living comfort while occupants continue to address and respect the difficulties of the current health crisis.

For the following months and next year, Reliant Holding plans to continue the expansion of the home division and wants to meet all of the customers demand. Thanks to its innovative approach to housing construction, more than 40 years of expertise in the construction sector and the management of strategic business models, the business will continue to seek for: expansions, acquisitions and partnerships within all of its three companies.

Austin is a high potential area

Austin is the third fastest-growing city in the United States, with a population already increasing by 22.5% between 2010 and 2017. This rapid and explosive growth in Central Texas enhances the potential and growth opportunities of Reliant Holdings Inc. With the quality, care and scope of the projects realized by the team of the three companies, more growth seems to be the recipe in 2021.

For now, many residents in Austin and the State of Texas will prefer to stay at home whenever they can as long as there is no approved vaccine on the market for the American population. This means that the demand for an improvement of the properties and compliance with the physical distance measures seem to remain an everyday thing. The rise of the RELT-share may be an omen that shareholders start to realize the potential of Reliant Holdings, especially now that the growing figures speak for itself. Today the share is up significantly by a whopping 42.71% to a value of $0.1 dollar. While a month ago the counter was still at $0.06 per share. The share market value currently stands at $1.46 million and is characterized by an average volume of 17.3K.

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