TULSA, OK, Nov. 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NEWMEDIAWIRE — AppSwarm, Corp. (OTC: SWRM) announced today that the company has joined with a new marketing team to aid in the selling of its one of a kind Last-Mile Delivery App DeliverySwift (https://deliveryswift.io/) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlZ2owHzeyQ), to Dispensaries throughout the United States and Canada. 

The company also updated a joint venture marketing agreement with KYN Capital Inc., (OTC: KYNC) to market its app to business entities with a primary focus on cannabis dispensaries as well as other health-related companies.

The company looks to use its App not only to deliver products to clients and customers but to also address the complex track and trace laws many states are starting to enact. Both companies will also work together in delivering and creating new tech products that fit into mutually beneficial products and services.

Ron Brewer, CEO of AppSwarm, commented, “We feel assured with additional marketing support that we can grow and expand our business model to help create revenues and increase value for our shareholders. Further, we welcome Cannabis dispensaries to reach out to us so we may give you a robust demo of our powerful app.”

(NEW YORK)–DeepSkyOne selects AppSwarm (OTC:SWRM) to launch industrial IoT and GPS tracking solutions for clients in the Tulsa, OK region.

DeepSkyOne, through its partnership with Tulsa based AppSwarm, is launching a suite of Internet of Things (IoT) and GPS tracking products for the oil and natural gas, healthcare, and other industries located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

AppSwarm will assist in deploying IoT and GPS tracking solutions for industries such as:

Oil & Natural Gas
Industrial Manufacturing
Healthcare & Assisted Living
Chemicals & Utilities
Food Service Industry
Facility Security

Supply Chain Logistics and Asset Tracking

DeepSkyOne, through its many partnerships, offers a wide-range of industrial IoT sensors and GPS tracking solutions, which are already operational and ready for commercial deployment.

Tulsa’s major industries are aerospace, including aerospace manufacturing and aviation; health care; energy; machinery; and transportation, distribution and logis­tics. Several clusters, or groups of companies within industries that buy or sell to each other in the manufacture of goods for export from the area.

This makes Tulsa an excellent market on which to target based on their need for real-time supply-chain management and distribution solutions.

DeepSkyOne offers large enterprises the ability to monitor critical machinery and valuable assets within their supply chain, fleet management of vehicles and trucks, employee safety, and solutions for healthcare facilities.

AppSwarm will be in charge of managing the sales and customer support teams and building client relations within the Tulsa region.


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