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Fernhill Beverage, Inc. (OTCMKTS: FHBC) is one of the more interesting companies in the highly competitive beverage space. The company is involved in producing attractive offerings for the teen and ‘tween’ category among consumers.

However, that is not all. The company is also trying to develop a product that will attract the young generation of consumers.

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The company is also in the process of building a nationwide distribution network, and it seems that Fernhill could really succeed in cornering a major portion of the growing multibillion-dollar beverage industry. However, the company is not only limiting itself to only beverages, and back in April, Fernhill delivered its first batch of Fernhill Sanitizer. On April 23, Fernhill announced that it supplied the first batch of the product to its strategic collaborator and retail partner Budding Botanicals. The product is being offered by Budding through its own website (

This is an interesting move from Fernhill considering the fact that the demand for sanitizers has gone through the roof following the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Budding is a CBD company and offers a plethora of products starting from pet treats and tinctures to salves. Due to the partnership with Fernhill, it will now be offering sanitizer as well.

Fernhill has worked extensively with experts in order to develop its alcohol-based sanitizer. One of the usual complaints with regards to alcohol-based sanitizers is the fact that it leads to dries the skin and eventually cracked hands. However, Fernhill has added aloe to the product so that the hands are soothed.

The sanitizer has also been infused with natural lemon so that it leaves a pleasant scent in the hands of the user. Moreover, CBD has been added as well in order to heal the skin quickly. Fernhill has packaged the sanitizer in smart-looking four once bottle, which is equipped with a spray pump. It is a product that could help both Fernhill and Budding in claiming a slice of the growing hand sanitizer market.

While this is a significant development for the company and helps it in entering a major new segment, Fernhill has also been assisting in aid for the underprivileged in this tough period. The company is working with food banks operating out of the state of California and is donating RK Super Vitamin Packed Kid’s Drink.

It should not be forgotten that thousands of children in the United States are dependent upon such aid for nutrition. Many schools have been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and in such a situation, many children have been suffering from lack of a nutritious meal. Many food banks have stepped in to help with the situation, and Fernhill has also done its bit in the efforts.

According to the latest news PSN held an interview with Lawrence Twombly – Chairman of Fernhill Beverage.

PSN: How would you introduce Fernhill Beverage?

Twombly: Fernhill Beverage is a developer, producer and marketer of beverage products aimed to the youth market. It strives to produce products that appeal to the young and the young at heart.

PSN: What’s the main goal of Fernhill Beverage?

Twombly: The main goal is to develop the best, most attractive and finest quality products in every category the Company competes in.

PSN: What’s your business strategy to succeed this main goal?

Twombly: Our strategy is to identify gaps in the youth market that larger companies have ignored. Once we develop a quality product such as RK Super Kids Vitamin Drink, the Company partners with the best “Up an Down the Street Distributors” to ensure the product gets on the shelves of stores where we feel we will get the most impact.

PSN: What are the expectations of the markets you are in short- and long-term?

Twombly: Short-term, we must work ensure the customer can access the product in the markets we are in. To do that, we must support the distributor and the retailer (store) as much as possible and create allies. Long-term, we must expand our distribution reach which will expand the retail reach and ultimately expand revenues.

PSN: Regarding the previous question, how would you describe your market potential in these markets?

Twombly: We are poised to be the market leader in the youth market. Coke has a product in the market called Tummy Yummies. RK Super is superior in every way to these brands. The 3rd largest beverage company in the US, Kureg, Dr. Pepper Snapple, doesn’t currently have a product in this category. We have focused on obtaining distribution through their independent Snapple Distributors.

PSN: Besides the drinks, you’re also concentrating on hand sanitizers at the moment, what made you decide to jump into a new market segment?

Twombly: The Hand Sanitizer is a product we kind of fell into. We own proprietary bottle filling equipment in a larger company’s bottling facility. The equipment is perfect for filling a variety of bottles. We use it for our RK Super productions but it is also perfect for filling smaller bottles like the sanitizer bottles. We were approached by a company that retails CBD products and they asked us if we could develop a quality hand sanitizer for them.

PSN: How do you see these two (main) products going together?

Twombly: It isn’t what we would normally do but we saw an opportunity to bring value and we accepted the challenge.

PSN: How does your bevarage compare to products already on the market?

Twombly: We pride ourselves in developing products that have no quality equal. RK Super is the best product in its category. Super Buzz Energy Drink uses real fruit juice making it superior to other Energy Drinks. Our hand sanitizer contains not only CBD for heath benefits but Aloe for healing. It too is the best product available.

PSN: What can you say about the benefits of your beverage?

Twombly: KR Super Kid’s Vitamin Packed Drink is loaded with Vitamins. It has fantastic fruit flavors and has zero calories.

PSN: To what extent does the COVID-19 influence your company? Do you see benefits?

Twombly: Covid-19 opened the market for the hand sanitizer. For that we are grateful. Other than that, covid-19 has been a thorn on our side.

PSN: Where can we buy the products?

Twombly: We have market penetration in the South West and the North East United States. We also have distribution through Texas, Oklahoma, Etc. In July we will be selling product in Europe by utilizing the US Military Commissary system.

PSN: Who can buy the products? And what is your range globally?

Twombly: We sell products mostly through the convenience store market. This allows groups of all ages and markets to have access to our products.

PSN: Fernhill has also been assisting in aid for the underprivileged in this tough period, what prompted you to do this? And how are you currently doing this?

Twombly: We have partnered up with Food Banks of California to aid in the nutrition of under-served children. Many children rely on school lunch programs to fulfill their daily nutrition needs. With the Corona Virus, and schools being closed, an alarming amount of children are missing their school provided meals. We felt compelled to help in this endeavor. We also found an opportunity to introduce RK Super to a large group of people that fit our demographic perfectly.

PSN: If so, what other developments should we know about?

Twombly: Fernhill beverage is currently looking to acquire other companies that will help us grow and fit our demographic. We are open to anything that adds value to the Company and the Shareholders.

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