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– $TREP – Trucept New Product Bring Big Potential!

– $TREP – Trucept New Product Bring Big Potential!

Trucept New Product Bring Big Potential!


Detroit, November 8th, 2018. (PENNYSTOCKS.NEWS) Trucept, Inc(OTCPINK: $TREP) is known across the United States, as professional employment organization, based in the West Coast. On November 1st,2018 the company announced the creation of a new human resource consulting services, for the Professional Employer Organization (PEO).This new product has added three new clients. The company is looking to use this new approach to have an advantage over their competitors.

Professional Employer Organization


How does this new human service work? With the Professional Employer Organization which allows people receiving HR consultation to be able to connect with employers. This revolutionary way of bringing people that are looking for job opportunities with people that are looking to hire will have a major impact in the way that the job market will function in the future. The CEO Mr. Norman Tipton said in a press release:

“The Field of human resources for PEOs is a complicated matter”he went on to say “Trucept has the expertise to advise the PEO market in this area. We are looking forward to sustained growth in this market.”

The company is relying in this new product to give them the edge over their competition and to receive more revenue. For the second quarter of 2018, the company has earned a net profit of $260,000 US dollars for the period ending June 30th. Furthermore, the company reported revenues as high as $4.7 million with a gross profit of $1.5 Million dollars.


Set Backs for Trucept


But the most important part of the announcement, came with the announcement of statements about the future. This statements which also included the future company financials such as sales and revenues. Some of these projections about the revenue that the company is expected to receive in the future, is based on what the leaders of the company are witnessing currently. Thus, there is a possibility that the company may not reach the goals that are written in these statements. There are many different factors that went into creating these statements. Thus, if some of the benchmarks are not meet then it will not reach the overall goal. The most important factor was the ability to gain additional funds, to keep the operations going. The company is also exploring the possibilities of expanding the services more in the Domestic and International markets. Which would in turn give much more sources of income for the company. Although, the company has not taken any sort of incentive to show the public what is in the statements, and what the company hopes to achieve in the future. The issues are not in the statements, of what may stop the company’s success. It is in the public filings that the company had recently filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, which had the annual report of the 10K Form.


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