Home Press Releases Cryptocurrencies Trondapphub.io has gone through 2 Block Chain Audits

Trondapphub.io has gone through 2 Block Chain Audits

Trondapphub.io has gone through 2 Block Chain Audits


May 23, 2019 — InvestorsHub NewsWire — Trondapphub.io it a blockchain platform with 62 Decentralized Apps/Games with 5 products associated to it.
TRONdapphub.io mission is to be the Biggest Dapp by Volume and Usage stand

point on Tron Ecosystem by hosting most Popular Traditional PVP Games like Bowling,

Billiards, Football, and Casino Games like Dice, Texas Holdem, Black Jack, Baccarat, High

Low, Let it Ride,Casino War, Slots, Keno

Trondapphub Games fall under 4 Categories

1)Skillbased- Bowling/Billiards

2)Sports- Football/Basketball

3)Slots- Casino Slots

4)Casino- Card games like Blackjack/Poker/Casino Wr/Highlow/let it ride/Baccarat

Trondapphub.io has gone through Two Block chain Audits from Internaltional Company Callisto Network and Completing 3rd Security Audit.

Trondapphub Products:
Trondapphub.io Platform: TRONdapphub will provide tools for DApp developers to utilize the TRONdapphub ecosystem. Share the wealth on TRONDapphub: #TDH token will be your share of the whole TRONDapphub platform with a portion of all revenue from all DApps being shared with the #TDH hodlers. Taking the Android Play Store as an example, #TDH will be your share of the Play Store. #TDH hodlers will receive DApp specific TRC20 token. According to the amount of TDH token they HODL. Your Dividends in TRX will then be distributed according to the Proportion of Frozen TDH token you hold.
CryptoTweets.io There are estimated 6 Million Bitcoin Wallets/Users worldwide and there is no dedi cated common platform for all Crypto users and CryptoTweets.io will fill that Gap. The DAPP hosts all Top 300 Tickers with $TICKER implemented for Top Crypto Coins. Real Time Charts, Real Time Discussions. Analysts, Crypto Coin Owners, Exchanges, Traders at One place. Revenue generated by Advertisements/Subscriptions to $TDH which will be distributed to $TDH Holders.
Stocktweets.io There are estimated 10 Million Stock Retail Traders and there is no Decentralized App for Stock Market Traders, Stocktweets.io will fill that Gap. The DAPP hosts all NYSE/NASDAQ/S &P 500 stocks with a $TICKER implemented for NASDAQ/NYSE Big board Stocks. Real Time Charts, Real Time Discussions. Analysts, Retail Traders, Stock Exchanges, Brokerages at One place. Revenue generated by Ads/Subscriptions to $TDH which will be distributed to $TDH Holders.

TRONEdge.io TRONDapphub is partnering with leading Blockchain educational provider to provide Blockchain educational courses via and in future our Block chain team will be providing Blockchain Consulting Services to Companies who have Block chain coding needs. Part of TRONEDGE.IO earnings will be contributed to $TDH Holders.

TRONDEX.ME EXCHANGE: We are planning to launch fully functional Decentralized crypto exchange, once we stabilize with Trondapphub platform. We already have a Centralized Crypto Exchange code with us, we need to convert it to Decentralized Crypto Exchange. Tronedge and Trondex will start in 2020 so these are just placeholders for now. we need to stablize the Dapps and the platform in 2019 and the tweeting platforms in 2019.
Live Feature:

Working on a Deal with Chain of Live Casinos Owner. Talks have started with Casino Owners!! We will implement Live streaming of Games from Live Casino in future!!

Whitepaper URL: https://trondapphub.io/wp/Whitepaper TRONDapphub.pdf

Contact: [email protected]

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