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Textmunication Holdings, Inc. (OTC: $TXHD) is a leader in cloud-based mobile Short Messages Services (SMS) market platform provider. With their offices in Pleasant Hill, California. Textmunication is a fully reporting company which is currently trading in the Over the Counter (OTC) market. The company has created a new product which hopes will help them surpass their competitors in the 8.1 billion SMS marketing industry. The SMS industry is growing faster than ever before. Now everyone has a mobile phone in their hands and internet anywhere they go. The SMS has made it very easy for companies to market their services to their clients in the most effective way. Text messages are the most read, as opposed to emails and flyers. The SMS industry is projected to reach $74 billion by 2020.The company is looking for what the future holds, they created The Rich Communications Services (RCS). This new product changes the entire SMS marketing aspect.

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RCS – Rich Communication Services

The RCS is the next big thing in communications and has the potential to revolutionize the way that companies interact with their customers. For the first time, the clients that receive SMS marketing messages, will have the ability to respond, even make appointments with trainers, pick times and dates, order pizzas or whatever the services that are provided. This aims to cut out the app and the emails. Statistics have shown that SMS is a much more effective way of reaching your clients, as opposed to emails or any other method done in the past. The Rich Communication Services is the future of mobile marketing. In fact, 82% of respondents of an OpenMarket survey said they prefer RCS capabilities over the plain SMS.

Above is 3 additional reason why the Rich Communication Services is expected to change the future of the SMS marketing industry forever.

This company has also been featured in the article “20 Most Promising Digital Marketing Solution Providers 2018” by the CIOReview. Currently the Textmunication is competing against their main competitor Twilio, Inc. (NYSE: $TWLO).

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Major investors

The CEO of Textmunication earlier in the year had discussed the revile of the RCS in an interview, which he also mentioned the company’s plans to eliminate debt and new ways of generating revenue. Textmunication has improved their financial position; with the elimination of its convertible debt to note-holders, in exchange of shares with a reverse split of 1 to 1000 in July 9th, 2018. This has attracted major investors to the company such as Thomas DiBenedetto (billionaire and owner of red sox) and Joseph Griffin. Mr. DiBenedetto serves as the leading advisor of Textmunication, while Mr. Griffin serves as financial investment advisor to the company. Mr. Griffin is a retired wall street executive, during his time in wall street he was under two firms. He was responsible for managing over 2 billion dollars’ worth of assets.  Thus, the company is looking at up listing by the end of the year which would change the course of the entire company. Mr. DiBenedetto has over 40 years of experience in the investment of businesses. He has worked as an investment banker in New York with Morgan Stanly & Co and Selomon Brothers Inc.

He has founded and is the principal shareholder of two investment firms. These are only two of the many investors that the company has atrracted and are doing business together.

Textmunication has a lot of things to look forward to in the coming months.

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5 Reasons why

The company has reduced their debts and has increased their revenues. Here are the 5 things that investors should look at along with the second video of how the RCS works and why it is the fututre in the SMS marketing industry.

  1. It has applied for an up list to the NASDAQ market which will remove it from the OTC and help it move to better and more reliable markets.
  2. It has a state-of-the-art new technology, which is the future of SMS the Rich Communication Services (RCS) which can allow clients to have more contact with their providers, and most clients prefer the RCS over the original SMS.
  3. The company is approaching a $4 million float for its shares. This will help with meeting the requirements to get the Up listing to NASDAQ from the OTC:Pink.
  4. Textmunication has recently added new investors to the team that possess big experience, with many years in the markets and in running multi-million-dollar companies. Such as Thomas DiBenedetto and Joseph Griffin.
  5. The company is a leader in what is expected to be a 74-billion-dollar industry by 2020 which gives this company the potential to grow very fast in the mobile marketing sector.

Watch the interview with the ceo here, www.pennystocks.news/txhd

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