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The speculation about a collaboration between AgEagle (UAVS) and Amazon (AMZN) seems to be increasing with the hour. It’s only a matter of time before AgEagle and the anonymous major e-commerce company announce the collaboration to the world. Thanks to recent reports that Amazon wants to open a distribution centre in Wichita, many critics are convinced that it is a foregone conclusion these two companies will enter into a partnership. This rumour got substantiated when AgEagle also officially announced that it will continue its production activities in Wichita. How strong is this argument, and have alternatives been considered at all, or is this a typical case of wishful thinking? Could it be, for example, that AgEagle is going to cooperate with FedEx (FDX)?

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Why FedEx could be the anonymous business partner

FedEx has a strong presence in Wichita, including 15 FedEx OnSite locations, a network of retail locations offering FedEx pickup and drop off services, including the ability to hold packages for up to five business days. Perfect for delivery service with drones on the small distances without compromising privacy when delivering products in private areas. Next to Wichita Airport – Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport – the FedEx Freight and FedEx Ship Center are located. The advantage over Amazon is that it has experience with the local market, is familiar with the environment and with the existing distributions the drone delivery service can be lauched much faster.

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Just as Amazon (Prime Air) is doing a lot of research into a parcel delivery service with drones, FedEx is also putting a lot of time and effort into looking for innovative partner projects related to tomorrow’s delivery services and distribution channels. FedEx is partnering with Google Wing to create the first commercial drone delivery service. Google Wing has received initial approval from the FAA to perform scheduled commercial delivery of drone packages to homes. This makes it possible for certain pilots or projects to already take place. Finally, a funny observation is that FedEx/Google Wing’s drones are somewhat similar to AgEagle’s current drones, even if this is probably a coincidence.

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How much does social media tell about the employees

Consultation of social media channels can provide a lot of information, not only in private places. From a business point of view it can do no harm to study the employees. AgEagle’s CEO – Michael Drozd – doesn’t let anything loose on his social channels about the anonymous business partner. What’s noteworthy is that his interests with e-commerce giants contains: FexEx, UPS, DHL and Unilever, but strangely not Amazon. Strategic Consultant Keith F. Griffin‘s profile shows the employee is interested in FedEx’s business as well, just like AgEagle’s Software Engineer, Henok Hailemariam. The latter indicates that he has completed a project at FedEx. The ‘PHP SDK’ application – designed by Hailemariam – has been used by FedEx since 2017.

A final speculation is that the order came from the major e-commerce company in September 2019 and that AgEagle immediately started testing the drones on a pilot basis. In this period no big news about drones can be found with Amazon, while FedEx and Google Wing in September 2019 brought out their cooperation and the big mission to bring the delivery with drones to the US.

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