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Amsterdam, Netherlands. Nov. 14 – (PENNYSTOCKS.NEWS) – Everybody knows that the internet is perfect for reaching a large and targeted audience. One post on social media can reach significantly more people than for example a tv-advertisement. This is one of the main reasons why digital marketing is taking over the traditional marketing channels. Adding to that, using digital marketing simply is a lot more affordable. Even a already profitable business may be missing out on immense numbers of leads, clients, partners and money if they are not properly applying the right digital marketing tools or techniques. Software developing company’s around the world are working hard to create innovative tools for digital marketing agency’s to be even more effective and reduce their costs. Key players in the digital marketing world are always open for innovative ideas. Marin Software Inc. ($MRIN) may have developed a new jewel in the digital marketing world by introducing…


Marin Software Incorporated ($MRIN) is a leading provider of cross-channel, cross-device marketing software for advertisers and agencies. Their mission is to give advertisers power to drive higher efficiency and transparency in their paid marketing programs that run on the world’s largest publishers. Carrying out this mission, Marin Software created MarinOne. 

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MarinOne is the answer to the challenges facing today’s digital marketer. By bringing search, social and eCommerce advertising into a single platform, MarinOne helps advertisers maximize the results of their digital campaigns by giving them a single view of the customer. The platform surpasses traditional single-channel management tools by generating significant gains over performance. ‘’We created MarinOne to help marketers focus their energy and budget on the channels that deliver the highest ROI and unlock more value from those channels by enabling them to work together more effectively.’’ said Wesley Maclaggan, SVP of Marketing for Marin Software.

Path Interactive & WWE

Marin Software partnered with Path Interactive, one of the leading players in the field of digital marketing. Together with Worldwide Wrestling Entertainments (WWE) the trio launched MarinOne. The platform quickly showed its potential and enabled Path Interactive and WWE marketers to view and modify all of the eCommerce shop’s search and social advertisements on one all-inclusive screen-view. WWE Shop’s Manager of E-Commerce Marketing, Nathan Lindsey said: ”We are excited to see the efficiency and insight improvements that MarinOne provides.” The MarinOne platform also includes revenue data amongst all the campaigns and channels.

More positive reactions followed after witnessing the benefits of MarinOne. ”It’s so much more efficient to see all of our data in one view, and MarinOne’s cross-channel attribution and bidding systems have unlocked heretofore unseen potential for cross-channel strategies. We are excited to drive even more profit for WWE Shop.” said Aurora Estrada, Digital Media Strategist at Path Interactive. ”This integrated view of search & social traffic is something we have been wanting for a long time.”. It is safe to assume that other software developing company’s are also working on a similar platform like MarinOne. It is clear that the demand is out there. MarinOne has shown tremendous success and we are excited about future developments further integrating the human world and technology.


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