DETROIT, MICHIGAN – (PENNYSTOCKS.NEWS) – MC Endeavors/Room 21 Media (OTCBB: $MSMY). The Opioid Crisis is at an all time high in America. Last year over 72,000 people have died because of the use of opioids. That’s over 200 people each day that will die form opiod overdose. This enormous crisis brings big costs to healthcare and loss of productivity and is estimated to be over $78B Dollar a year. The number is very high because opioids are one of the most dangerous addictions. Even the US government was forced to create the Opioid Crisis Response Act of 2018. According to Stanford University research, “every American household is now acutely aware of the drug epidemic.”


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With over 200 deaths a day from opiod overdose, America needs compelling information via video, social media and the internet. Professionals in the addiction treatment industry and  survivors of the opioid crisis have not had a comprehensive platform for telling their stories to others and preventing others from getting addicted to the various forms of opiates. The advance in technology and complex marketing structure makes it hard for them to have their story  and professional experience heard. Thus, their voices go unheard. But not anymore…


MC Endeavors/Room 21 Media


MC Endeavors also known as Room 21 Media is a Technology and Media company that functions as a full-service marketing agency specifically in the addiction treatment and recovery lifestyle industry. The Room 21 Media expertise in analytics, branding, social media, video production, search engine marketing and web development is being used to ensure the critical message is being heard worldwide. They provide a platform for addiction professionals to provide guidance and survivors to tell their story. The goal of Room 21 is to prevent further use of opioids in order to save people’s lives. Room 21 Media is a major contributor to the fight against the opioid crisis. They also help by preventing future addicts and most importantly preventing more deaths. Currently the company is working with other companies such as iVitalize, a leader in infusion therapy who reaches out to the survivors.



MC Endeavors/Room 21 Media Signs Contract With iVitalize


Room 21 Media has proven to go beyond its limitations, with their latest results. Newly signed client iVitalize, a key player in infusion therapies witnessed a profound growth, directly resulting from engaging with Room 21 media. iVitalize responded by signing a huge contract with the marketing company.


Room 21 Media is specialized in enabling companies like iVitalize to produce growth, both in clients and in revenues. Room 21 Media managed to provide the means for iVitalize to carry out a continuous growth. The expectations are that gross monthly revenues are on track to increase almost 70% this quarter. Room 21 media will be covering not only the media end but also the marketing. All of the services are designed specifically for the addiction and treatment market so that valuable services like iVitalize can be readily found in clinics and treatment centers.  The services that they provide are: digital marketing, web development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing. This experienced agency has had record high contracts in the past. With a strong team on board, the intelligent marketing company produces substantial return on investments for their clients by their own effective and innovative marketing.

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