The assets of the business services business of XCPCNL are to be combined and become part of Centiment Capitals assets. XCPL is heating up following an agreement between the Company to execute a reverse merger transaction with Centiment Capital Holdings. This reverse merger is great news for XCPL, up 100% Friday in $850,000 of volume.

The Company anticipates that this reverse merger will complete within the next sixty (60) days. Provides a summary of the operations performed by the Company. Highlights significant statistics about summary options, providing a prospective indicator of investor sentiment. Data is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to serve trading purposes.

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We are incredibly excited to be working with Green Star Products in helping to grow their iconic brand. We are happy to have found XCPNL in helping us take Naturals next step. XCPCNL will use their Centiment Capital IoT technology to forecast the minds of people and design programmed media campaigns, which will enable their strategic and pragmatic approach to the programming of Green Star Product.

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XCPCNL will develop a strategic 3-4 month sales and marketing plan to connect with prospects in meaningful ways in order to cultivate, share, and nurture long-term health and sustainability for both brands. The Programs will promote awareness, consideration, and informed trial for the brands propositions and offerings. XCPL has made several significant moves just in March of 2022; it has worked with Green Star Products to develop and implement strategic sales and marketing programs for its brands, Viro Spectrum Shield and Montana Biotic, which are both relevant and influential for prospective customers, as well as for the evaluation of potential merger opportunities.


The new Company will be operating under the name of Centiment Technology Group. Centiment Capital Holdings is built around understanding the neural-data-driven problems of AI, and using neural-driven tools, technologies, and appliances to address those problems. Xcpcnl has also signed a letter of intent to acquire Centiment Capital Holdings; the first for-profit, neuroscience-enabled, anti-bias machine learning company in the world.

Charlotte, North Carolina-based XCPCNL Business Services is a business services development company leveraging Charlottes know-how, expertise, and expertise in consumer products. Our core mission is to provide marketing, technology, and other business services for rapidly growing consumer products companies and large-box retailers. XCPCNL is a full-service staffing agency focused on building successful partnerships with local businesses, understanding each clients unique needs, and striving to achieve perfection in each placement.

XCPCNL provides clients payroll, human resources, workers compensation coverage, and administrative services. By shifting their temp staffing services into core, core businesses, XCPCNL has been able to keep the bottom line of the business stable in this challenging economic time. XCPCNLs future strategy is to acquire selected, established businesses services companies, IT companies, and consulting firms that fit the criteria for XCPCNL.

Reverse Merger stocks can be even more explosive than biotechs, where the company being acquired has real value, yet is not discovered by investors, and we have covered several of them here on the site, which went from pennies to dollars. For example, a publicly traded Company with 10M shares outstanding trading at $10 apiece will have a $100M market cap. For example, if the company had $10 million in net earnings and 10 million shares outstanding, its earnings per share is $1.

It is calculated by multiplying market capitalization by number of outstanding shares. IV is a forward-looking forecast of the probability that the price of underlying assets will change, with high IVs signaling the market anticipates substantial price movements, while low IVs indicate that the market expects underlying asset prices to stay within their current trading range. This will happen following a period of substantial price movements, and high percentile IVs may frequently be predictive of the markets imminent reversal of prices.

During market hours, delayed information about the price on the trade is displayed (delayed by the rules of the trade. Analysis of these related ETFs and the way they are traded can give clues about the security.

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